World Water Day: The Union for the Mediterranean steps up regional action to address water scarcity

March 18, 2020
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On World Water Day, held under the thematic “Water and Climate change”, the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) emphasises the need for regional dialogue to address common challenges related to water scarcity.

At the core of its mission, and within the framework of the ministerial mandate entrusted to it, the UfM emphasises the need for a regional dialogue through its Water Agenda to ensure that each and every Euro-Mediterranean country receives the necessary technical, administrative, and financial recommendations to help achieve water security for its population and their economic activities, taking into account its impact on agriculture, employment, hygiene and climate change.

The UfM has conducted a mapping of the region’s water financial needs and has developed a regional Water Agenda setting out a series of technical and financial recommendations to leverage investments and propose new operational and innovative partnerships, notably through sustainable financing. Technical workshops have taken place in Lebanon, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Jordan, Egypt, Greece, France, Belgium, Luxembourg and others are to be held this year, namely in Tunisia and Jordan.

This regional initiative is implemented to help achieve the 2030 Sustainable Development Goal, “Ensure access to water and sanitation for all”, in the Euro-Mediterranean area. The UfM Water Agenda aims to facilitate general access to sanitation services, including in rural areas, by sharing best and adapted practices from prior experiences in UfM countries. This includes the improvement of treated wastewater reuse as a nonconventional resource that can contribute to mitigating local water shortage.


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The Union for the Mediterranean (UfM)

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