A young Palestinian woman is being heard thanks to an EU-funded project promoting youth’s active engagement

June 26, 2018
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Rand Jarallah is a young Palestinian artivist (a combination of an artist and an activist).

On June 22th she took part of the NET-MED Youth conference in Lebanon as the founder of Randistic. She explained her passion for make-up and how she uses it as an art to visualize and impact the world around her.

Her goal is to create a new face for activism using make-up with a vision to break the stereotypes around it. Moreover, she would like to develop a safe space for people to share their stories and discuss sensitive social issues through art.

Finally, she wants to tell the youth in Palestine to regard make-up as a multi-perspective tool, which doesn’t exhibit the sole purpose of conforming to beauty standards.

The Networks of Mediterranean Youth Project aims at mainstreaming youth issues and priorities across national decision-making and policy implementation in Eastern and Western Mediterranean countries by building the capacities of youth and youth organizations and promoting their active engagement in the development and implementation of national policies and strategies on youth.

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Countries covered:

  • Lebanon
  • Palestine *