12th photography competition “Egyptian Women Champions”

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Women and girls are a key strength of the society and a driving force for Egypt’s development in all fields. Documenting their empowerment and spotlighting their individual and collective success stories is essential, and indeed their inherent right.

Building stable, prosperous, and inclusive societies requires the full participation of women. This commitment to gender equality is fully reflected in the European Union (EU)-Egypt partnership priorities, jointly adopted in 2017. Gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls essentially include the prevention of, and protection from, violence against them; supporting their participation in public life, including their access to leadership and top management positions, as well as their voice and engagement in the local communities; and safeguarding their economic, social and cultural rights.

Since women play an important role in shaping the present and future of their societies, the EU Delegation to Egypt is proud to launch the 12th edition of its annual photography competition under the theme “Egyptian Women Champions”. Photographers are invited to take part in recording and documenting the role Egyptian women and girls play in bringing about progress in fields as diverse as sports, economy and business, the social domain, arts and culture, science, or leadership roles both at local and national levels.

Through this year’s theme, we celebrate Egyptian women and girls and the valuable, irreplaceable contributions they make in advancing “Om al Dunia”, Masr.

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Countries covered:

  • Egypt