Administrative Assistant, EU Delegation to Jordan

Opportunity type : Job Opportunities
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Under this post, the recruited person will be attributed functions depending on the needs of the Delegation. Upon recruitment, the successful candidate will occupy a specific job function as Administrative Assistant. Under this job function the successful candidate will serve as support staff to the following tasks and responsibilities under the supervision and responsibility of the relevant head of section:


– In charge of the local agents records;

– Calculation of end of service entitlements for resigned local staff;

– The Delegation’s liaison officer for the social security dept.;

– Calculation of local staff overtime;

– In charge of the publication of new vacant posts and screening CVs;

– Prepares the local staff income tax forms;

– Responsible for entering data in e-del-hrm (recruitment files of local agents & temporary staff) and HR Delegation and generation of payroll and salaries in E-DEL-HRM;

– Prepares letters for the bank, visa requests and hospitals;

– In charge of leaves for the local staff in E-TIM;

– Verification of the reimbursements and authorizations for the medical sickness insurance claims for local staff;

– Organizes interviews for short listed candidates;

– Participates in interview panels and the evaluation of short-listed candidates;

– Compiling the recruitment file for newly recruited staff (drawing up the employment contracts, arranging for medical check-up…);

– Liaise with IT to insure readiness of PC (network connection…etc) for newly recruited staff;

– Participation in the local staff annual salary revision;

– Management of temporary personnel;

– Management of personnel hired under Service contracts;

– Compiling and preparing the officials housing files;

– Manages the record of the rent payments for the Delegation, Residence and the Officials houses & follow up with the accounting dept. for payments;

– Manages the insurance files for the Delegation Residence and the Officials houses;

– Rotation of officials (assessment of flight tickets & removal offers) and temporary accommodation;

– Follows up on the housing file for the Residence & the housing file for officials & young experts as well as conventions & keeps record of every lease signed for above personnel;

– Follow up on the insurance for the Delegation building, Residence and officials housing units;

– Participates in the preparation of the yearly budget and its submission to Headquarters;


And any other administrative tasks under the supervision and responsibility of the Head of Administration.

The working hours will be 37.5 hours per week from Sunday to Thursday. The place of employment is Amman and the post is group II.

Countries covered:

  • Jordan