Analyst – Energy sector, EBRD Tunisia

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The Analyst is based in the EBRD’s resident office in Tunis, Tunisia and is dedicated to working in the energy sector, which delivers the Bank’s mandate in the electricity and midstream/downstream gas sectors in Tunisia. The team is responsible for debt and equity investments predominantly in renewable power generation projects as well as gas and electricity storage, transmission, and distribution projects.  The team plays a key role in advancing policy dialogue to promote green, competitive, and liberalised energy markets, with a particular focus on the development of regulatory frameworks to support increased penetration of renewable energy.

The Analyst contributes to all phases of the project cycle, including project origination, structuring, execution, implementation and monitoring. The Analyst will take responsibility for the tasks assigned to them by the operation leader, the Regional Head for Energy or more senior members of the project team, or more senior bankers, which may include undertaking comprehensive due diligence, including financial, market, integrity and EBRD policy compliance, as well as effective post-signing implementation and monitoring.

The Analyst carries out these tasks as part of a project team under the guidance of the operation leader or under the supervision/guidance of the Regional Head for Energy or more senior bankers.


The Analyst role may also include elements of business/pipeline development, client management and policy dialogue. In particular the Analyst will be actively involved in the following tasks:

–             Supporting the implementation and monitoring of existing projects in Tunisia including the energy public sector portfolio;

–             Maintain the relationship with clients and key stakeholders in the sector in Tunisia, including the authorities, private operators, and other international organisations;

–             Coordinate technical cooperation assignments with the authorities; and

–             Contribute to coordinating due diligence visits, financial modelling and drafting or approval documents for new projects.


Accountabilities & Responsibilities:


Under the guidance of the operation leader or a more senior banker:


1.           Structuring and Execution


•            Work as a project team member on transactions, contributing to all aspects of project structuring and execution, including comprehensive research and analysis of background materials, market information and financial performance data; analyse and evaluate potential risks related to the proposed project, including analysis of financial statements, preparing and updating financial models and financial projections;

•            Assist with the designing and processing of technical co-operation assistance, including preparation of terms of reference and internal approval documentation, to support the related investment project or the related policy dialogue initiative;

•            As may be requested, assist with communication with other internal units of the Bank, clients and other stakeholders, at the operational level, such as preparing draft correspondence, presentations, and following up on internal emails;

•            Ensure that all tasks assigned to the Analyst are completed within the specified time frames to a high quality and in line with the policies, procedures and objectives of the Bank.


2.           Portfolio Monitoring, Value Creation and Reporting


•            As requested by the operation leader or a Portfolio Manager, undertake assigned tasks relating to the implementation and monitoring of projects to which the Analyst is assigned as part of the project team, including compliance with project agreements and Bank procedures related to disbursement, monitoring of progress of the project and financial performance of the client, assessing evolving risk factors and monitoring and assessing covenant compliance;

•            As requested by the operation leader or more senior member of the project team, prepare timely and comprehensive draft monitoring reports and include recommendations for corrective actions where required and ensure these corrective actions and recommendations are brought to the attention of more senior team members;

•            As may be requested by, and under the supervision of, a TC operation leader, assist with the effective implementation and monitoring of TC assignments including communication with TC client, monitoring of TC fund usage, preparation and filing of relevant TC progress and completion reports to support the TC operation leader to meet donor reporting requirements and operational objectives.


The responsibilities of the Analyst are designed to allow the Analyst to progressively undertake more complex tasks and build the scope of responsibilities based on acquired experience and expertise.


Countries covered:

  • Tunisia