Application to Transparency International School 2016

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What is Transparency International School on Integrity?

Transparency International School on Integrity is an annual state-of-the-art anti-corruption and accountability training for future leaders.
TI School on Integrity exposes its participants to the latest developments in the field of anti-corruption and accountability and offers real opportunities to implement their ideas in practice.
Who can apply?
TI School on integrity is open to senior students, graduates and young professionals under the age of 35.
We welcome individuals from public, private, non-governmental and academic sectors, from all academic backgrounds.
Course fee & Scholarships
Course fee is EUR 600. It covers tuition fee, course material, accommodation, meals and extra-curricular activities.
Scholarships available.
Deadline for scholarship applications is 1 May 2016, for non-scholarship applications – 15 May 2016.
Non-scholarship applications are accepted on a rolling basis. 
More information: