Archivist to the Head of Cooperation, EU Delegation to Egypt

Opportunity type : Job Opportunities
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Job definition

Under the supervision of the Head of Cooperation, ensure a proper functioning of the Operations mail administration and archiving activities.




  • Control the flow of all incoming & outgoing documents related to the entire Projects while archiving the documents to allow easy access.
  • Manage and update archival information.
  • Support the archivist in the organization and maintenance of the archives of the Operations and Finance & Contracts Section in accordance with Commission practices.
  • Maintain a numbering system database
  • Responsible for the Document Numbering (Configuration Control) function, which is used to generate new “Document numbers” and “Revision status” for documents such as Manuals, Procedures, Reports, etc.
  • Provide access to the documents and records taking in to account of the relevant provisions concerning security and data protection.

Countries covered:

  • Egypt