Call for Applications: National Dialogue Fellows 2018 (Tunisia), CSFSouth project

Opportunity type : Fellowship or post-graduate programmes
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The CSF South intends to launch a national dialogue fellowship programme for Tunisia, titled “Youth Participation in Democratic Processes and Governance” and subject of this call for applications. 
This programme is targeting 20 young CSO representatives aged 21 – 30 years old willing to work together to promote youth/CSOs role in effective participation in the democratic process of Tunisia and endorse the role of activism along with good governance, while applying credible and evidence-based approach.
The intended programme is to introduce the Tunisian Youth to a comprehensive framework of support on aspects related to activism and effective participation in democratic processes, community mobilization, good governance, monitoring local elections with a special focus on municipal elections, government local action plans and commitments toward enhancing open government values of transparency, accountability and public participation of citizens in the decision-making process.
It aims to rollout and promote a collaborative approach that prepares Tunisian CSOs and Youth with needed skills to provide leadership for positive change in organizations and civic life. This dynamic new approach, collective leadership, is highly appreciated by the youth from both Tunisia and elsewhere in the ENPI South region.
The upcoming municipal election in Tunisia scheduled for May 6, 2018 will be a landmark date in the Tunisian transition to democracy.
The decentralized governance mechanisms that municipal elections are to put into place, promise a solution for addressing the specific needs and demands of Tunisia’s different regions particularly the countries’ most marginalized governorates, where rates of unemployment and external migration are highest. 

Countries covered:

  • Tunisia