Call for Contributions for the European Union Police Mission for the Palestinian Territories (EUPOL COPPS)

Opportunity type : Job Opportunities
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Annex 1-Job Descriptions

Applications should be sent by email only to the indicated mailbox.

  • Applicants must fulfil all the conditions for admission at the time of applying.
  • These posts require security clearance allowing access to classified documents. Already having such clearance would be an advantage. Otherwise, those applying for the post will be understood to be prepared to undergo security screening under Council Decisions No 264/01 of 19 March 2001 and 2013/488/EU of 15 October 2013.
  • Candidates are advised that, in the selection procedure, qualifications being equal, preference is given to seconded candidates. Only if no qualified seconded candidate can be identified may a qualified contracted candidate be selected. However, advertisement of positions for secondment regime on this website is for information purposes only. All candidates wishing to apply for a seconded regime will have to apply through their respective competent national authorities. These vary from country to country but can be, for example, Ministry of Interior for police officers. National authorities may also have additional requirements. The CSDP Missions do not take into consideration applications for secondment regime received through channels other than competent national authorities.
  • Secondment means that individuals are nominated by the respective Member State. The Contributing State will bear all personnel-related costs, including salaries, medical coverage, travel expenses to and from the mission area (including home leave) and allowances other than daily allowances paid according to Council decisions. Seconded personnel has to comply with any additional requirements of their national authorities.
  • International contracted staff will be recruited by the Mission through an employment contract. The contract will establish the conditions of employment, rights and obligations, remuneration, in accordance with the applicable rules relevant to the grading of international contracted staff, daily allowances, travel and removal expenses and the applicable high risk insurance policy. The remuneration will be based on the salary grid annexed to the applicable rules. The remuneration of each international contracted staff member will be determined on the basis of his/her position and previous professional experience using this grid.

Countries covered:

  • Palestine *