Call for Contributions for Visiting Expert (VE) for the European Union Integrated Border Management Assistance Mission in Libya (EUBAM Libya)

Opportunity type : Calls for Proposals
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Position Name: CounterTerrorism Adviser

The CounterTerrorism Adviser reports to the Head of Law Enforcement Unit.
Main Tasks and Responsibilities:

To operationalise the Mission mandate and tasks as set out in the planning documents and the Mission Implementation Plan (MIP) by advising and mentoring local counterpart(s) on operational level;

To support the Mission’s efforts in addressing areas of structural weaknesses in the performance and accountability of respective counterparts/institutions and to propose relevant solutions;

To maintain necessary contacts and build relationships with relevant local actors on counter terrorism;

To liaise closely with other Mission horizontal advisers;

To contribute to inform and develop EU civilian options on SSR effort in Libya;

To assess the overall status of the Libyan capacity to counter terrorism and that of the relevant governing authorities, including through the analysis of the relevant legislation;

To assist in developing a law enforcement approach on counterterrorism (rule of law based approach) and implementing relevant counterterrorism policies, strategy, institutional architecture and legislation, in accordance with international standards and human rights as well as in coordination with other international actors and stakeholders (with particular reference to the implementation of UNSCR 1371, 1267, 2178, UN Instruments in combating terrorism signed by Libya and UN Global Counterterrorism Strategy);

To assist Libyan Authorities in building up a CT Fusion Cell in organising training and delivery of equipment in partnership with CEPOL, EUROPOL and INTERPOL);

To assist in the development of an approach and measures related to counterradicalisation and recruitment of terrorists/countering violent extremism;

To contribute to mapping the relevant Libyan and International Community actors in regard to counterterrorism;

To liaise and cooperate closely with other EU, Libyan, UNSMIL, CTITF, UNODC and other International Community actors (Global Counterterrorism Forum, Interpol);

To engage in consultations with and assistance to relevant Libyan institutions and governing authorities, both at central and decentralised levels.

Countries covered:

  • Libya