Call for proposals: Music Moves Europe

Opportunity type : Calls for Proposals
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Music Moves Europe will support sustainable music distribution, with a focus on live music. In line with MME’s overall objectives, the action will aim to enhance the competitiveness, innovation and diversity of Europe’s music sector.

The purpose of this call is to select one consortium capable of promoting competitiveness, innovation and diversity within a large number of European music sector organisations, including providing them with financial support.

Applications need to include provision for 2 separate, but linked activities:

  1. One financial support scheme redistributing funds to third parties active in the live music sector
  2. Programme of capacity-building activities benefitting the live music sector

Themes and priorities (scope)

The activities specified in the objectives must focus on 3 business development topics:

  • livestreaming;
  • music venue cooperation;
  • music export.

The support scheme must consist of at least 3 calls for proposals (financial support to third parties), ideally one per year, covering each time one or a combination of those business development topics.

Expected impact

This call for proposals is expected to select one single project, proposed by a consortium of organisations, in charge of organising activities with a widest possible outreach to stakeholders (organisations and/or individuals) in the music sector across Europe.

Applications must provide for the design, implementation and monitoring of one financial support scheme that redistributes the funds in the form of grants (financial support to third parties) to final recipients through one or more open call(s) for proposals per year and complement them with capacity building activities. The financial support to third parties must be spread across at least 60 beneficiaries (grant recipients) who cover between them, all three topics of this call.

Countries covered:

  • Israel
  • Palestine *
  • Tunisia