Call for Participants – IEMed Youth Forum “A Youth Agenda for Euro-Mediterranean Research”

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Are you a young researcher striving to participate in debates on security, political and social developments in the Euro-Mediterranean area?

Conceived and funded by the IEMed, the Youth Forum, gathering over 40 participants from over 10 countries, offers a unique opportunity to debate and exchange with policy makers and other young experts on key issues in the Euro-Mediterranean area and to contribute to policy shaping in the region.

The Forum aims to build and empower a thriving community of young researchers in Euro- Mediterranean affairs and increase the visibility of their work. Organised around a plenary session and two parallel working sessions, the forum offers a chance to share your experiences and issue concrete proposals on relevant topics.

This year´s edition of the forum will explore avenues to further stimulate greater Euro-Mediterranean youth research and mobility.  

The IEMed Youth Forum will take place in Rabat on 11 July in the morning, prior to the EuroMeSCo Annual Conference “Changing Euro-Mediterranean Lenses”.

Against this background, the aim of this call is to select up to 15 young researchers and students from the Euro-Mediterranean region to:

– Participate and intervene actively in the Youth Forum, on the basis of a 1-2-pages concept note they will have handed ahead of the meeting.

– Take part in the EuroMeSCo Annual Conference “Changing Euro-Mediterranean Lenses”, to be held on 12-13 July in Rabat, gathering over 120 stakeholders, including researchers, academics, national and regional policy makers and practitioners

Countries covered:

  • Algeria
  • Egypt
  • Israel
  • Jordan
  • Lebanon
  • Morocco
  • Palestine *
  • Tunisia