Child protection support, Morocco

Opportunity type : Calls for Proposals
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This 24-month technical assistance project is supporting the intention of the government and all the parties involved to initiate, as quickly as possible, the operational phase of the action programme under the Moroccan integrated public policy for child protection (politique publique intégrée de protection de l’enfance du Maroc — PPIPEM) adopted in 2015, particularly involving:
— developing a coordinated, professionalised, accessible system so that children at risk can be identified, protected, guided and supported,
— calling upon and building up all the capacities required to effectively set up the national implementation plan.
The project’s overall aim is to help improve child protection in Morocco, with a view to converging with the requirements of EU acquis and European good practice in this respect.
The technical assistance project’s specific aims are to:
— support the strategic and operational management of the implementation of the PPIPEM by the Moroccan authorities at national and local level,
— support coordination and build up the capacities of structures of prevention, care, support and reintegration of children, and
— set up local child protection facilities in at least 3 provinces in 3 ‘pilot’ regions defined by the beneficiary administrative service with a view to extending them to national level.
The contractor should achieve the following results:
result 1: the PPIPEM’s pilot strategic and operational management mechanisms will be strengthened;
result 2: the local child protection structures will be upgraded;
result 3: the operational child protection facilities at local level in the 3 pilot regions will be developed;
result 4: a database will be set up to identify and monitor children at risk in the 3 pilot regions;
result 5: the running of the local operational facilities in the 3 pilot regions will be assessed;
result 6: achievements will be capitalised upon and communication implemented.

Countries covered:

  • Morocco