Communication Manager-EU funded ‘Strengthening Resilience 2’ programme, Morocco

Opportunity type : Job Opportunities
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‘Strengthening Resilience 2’ is a three-year programme which aims to strengthen young people’s resilience – their ability to “survive and thrive” whatever pressures and hazards they confront.  It will be implemented in five countries in the Middle East and North Africa 2017-2021. It is funded by the EU and delivered by the British Council with UK and French government partners.

What does the programme do to build resilience?

The programme:

  • Engages young people in at-risk areas through activities that interest them, such as Active Citizens, sports, education, local governance, culture and social enterprise.
  • Helps young people to identify local issues and trains them to develop the networks and skills to respond.
  • Mentors young people as they apply their skills to design and deliver social initiatives to enhance community life.
  • Trains Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) to better communicate their work to young people and develop initiatives that create opportunities to engage local youth.
  • Supports young people and CSOs to communicate their experiences to their local community and beyond.
  • Building the ability of national governments to design and deliver strategic communication campaigns which provide alternative pathways to violent extremism.
  • Engage with national government to enable Civil Society organisations deliver messages about alternative pathways to vulnerable youth.
  • Convene spaces where local government/authorities and youth can come together to co-create and deliver community activities.


    Consultancy Purpose

    The Consultant will be responsible for development, monitoring and evaluation communications campaigns, and capacity building activity, which aim to deliver the project outcomes, working closely under the guidance and support of specialist colleagues but reporting in to the in-country British Council Project Manager.

    Responsibilities will include;

  • Lead in working with project partners to input to national level project plans;
  • Contextualise concepts and co-develop strategic briefs, develop, deliver and evaluate campaign or capacity building activity;
  • Support the development of partner brands, products, events and media campaigns – be they on behalf of government or CSO partners – in support of project outcomes;
  • Manage the procurement of and relationships with third party suppliers of communications services from either civil society or the private sector;
  • Develop and manage all-media content development and public relations opportunities through appropriate news and cultural media outlets at local and national level.

Countries covered:

  • Morocco