Complementary support to the development of waste management schemes (relaunch) – Lebanon

Opportunity type : Calls for Proposals
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The objectives of this call are:
– Land-based sources of pollution (municipal solid waste and industrial waste) in coastal areas will be suppressed or mitigated.

– Development of comprehensive waste management schemes within municipalities located in the coastal river basins (excluding municipal waste water management).

The actions are:
– Studies (masterplans for waste management, integrated land and basin planning, business plans for combating pollution, technical feasibility studies, etc.)

– Investments (recycling, composting, recovery, disposal)

– Equipment provision

– Capacity building activities (to improve the inspection and enforcement skills of relevant actors in charge)

– Awareness raising actions (to reduce waste generation and learn to the population how to sort at source)


The action should include:

– a minimum treatment capacity of 100 tons/day of municipal solid waste and/or

– a proportion of at least 70% of the budget dedicated to investment and equipment in case of other wastes.

The actions should cover the whole waste cycle from prevention (avoiding and reducing) to disposal

Countries covered:

  • Lebanon