Consultants Service Requests for 4PRIMA Project1 [Partnership for Research and Innovation in the Mediterranean Area], Tunisia

Opportunity type : Job Opportunities
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The main objective of this SR is to select 2 Senior Individual Consultants to carry out some activities assigned to the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in 4PRIMA Project.

Tasks to be ensured
Within the frame of Work Package 5 (WP5) of 4PRIMA Project, both Consultants will have to perform the following tasks:
– Prepare a report on the guidelines for ensuring the impact of the SRIA objectives into the national policies: This report is the 4th deliverable of WP5 which is aimed, on the basis of the activities of WP2 and WP3, at ensuring the creation of the framework conditions for reinforced cooperation and coordination of food systems and water research programmes within a long term partnership involving research funding bodies, universities, ministries or any other stakeholders from the two sides of the Mediterranean area. This will be instrumental to enabling the conditions for a future implementation of those legislative and funding instruments that govern the relationship between the European Union and Members (non-EU) and are needed in order to achieve the expected impact of 4PRIMA Project.
– Organize a 4PRIMA stakeholder forum in Tunis during the 1st week of November 2017. Logistics including travels and subsistence of the external people invited to the event will be ensured by the Ministry: This event will summarize and disseminate 4PRIMA efforts and findings, particularly in relation to the SRIA, international alliances and, particularly, activities (both pilot and joint activities).
– Developing evaluation tools able to provide efficient assessment of Tunisian participation in EU Programmes/Initiatives.
– Ensure any other task that will be assigned to both Consultants by the Programme Management Unit of H2020 (at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research) during their contracts period.

Countries covered:

  • Tunisia