Dialogue with Civil Society for Rights and Equality in the ENI Southern Neighbourhood

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Building a Shared Vision for the Mediterranean

Workshop purpose and overall objective

As a boosting step of its early development stage, MED Dialogue for Rights & Equality is facilitating a consultation process that provides civil society actors and stakeholders with a dialogue platform, aimed at shaping a shared vision of the Mediterranean for the years to come.

This shared envisioning exercise will provide a useful framework and the opportunity for CSOs and other stakeholders to develop a coherent, shared set of conceptualisations, goals, and values for the future of the region that shape its development path, preserves its rich natural heritage, and celebrates its unique character.

The main objective of the consultation process is to produce a document that provides a vision for the Mediterranean region as a common space, and a lasting environment for cooperation and political construction, a sort of manifesto on the Mediterranean for the years to come, where the roadmap and the process required to achieving such vision are also discussed.

The South-South consultations will be combined with capacity development workshops on dialogue and negotiation techniques, to equip participants with tools and methods that would enhance their capacities in the subject matter, strengthen their regional networks, and eventually promote policy dialogue at a regional level.

Countries covered:

  • Algeria
  • Egypt
  • Libya
  • Morocco
  • Tunisia