EU supported Young Mediterranean Voices Hub Appointments June 2018 – December 2018

Opportunity type : Events
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This project is grounded on the positive experience of Young Arab Voices and benefits from the support of the EU. “The EU will support the second phase of the Young Arab Voices programme to deepen the dialogue between young leaders and civil society representatives”. 

Young Mediterranean Voices has 4 inter-related strategic objectives through which we will deliver the programme:

•train young people in debate and dialogue techniques, and equip them to participate more effectively in their communities and enhance their life opportunities;

•provide further leadership development opportunities to young people (Young Mediterranean Voices ambassadors), and equip them to engage with existing leaders and the media to influence public policy;

•equip young people with the skills to engage more successfully with social media;

•Provide opportunities for young people to engage together across the Euro-med region then build the networks for future collaboration and break down barriers and stereotypes that lead to a lack of intercultural dialogue.

Countries covered:

  • Algeria