European Union Visitors Programme

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The EUVP, established in 1974 by both the European Parliament (EP) and the European Commission (EC), is an individual study programme for promising young leaders and opinion-moulders from countries outside the European Union.  It offers participants full access to all EU departments in order to gain first-hand and complete information on EU activities as well as a better understanding of its values and complexity.  At the same time, it allows to share perspectives and best practice on issues of mutual concern.

Aim of the Programme

The EUVP aims to enable young current or emerging leaders in government, politics, the media and other key fields from non-member countries to visit and become acquainted in depth with the Institutions of the European Union as guests of the European Parliament and the European Commission.  By so doing they receive detailed information and knowledge of the structure and workings of the EU institutions.

Additionally, an important aim is to create an external network of contacts for the many European Parliament and European Commission departments.  The European External Action Service (EEAS) directly benefits from such a network.

Content of the Programme

A typical EUVP study-tour lasts for 5 days in Brussels, extended for 3 additional days in Strasbourg for those with political profiles.

Each programme is individually tailored to meet the participant’s work profile and interests.  It is composed of approximately 15 to 20 bilateral meetings on topics of mutual interest to the visitor and the interlocutor.


How Are Participants Selected?

Participants are proposed by the EEAS delegations but selected by the EUVP Management Committee in Brussels, composed of European Parliament and European Commission officials.

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Countries covered:

  • Algeria