Executive director of the Anna Lindh Foundation for Inter-cultural Dialogue, Egypt

Opportunity type : Job Opportunities
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The challenging and high-profile position of Executive Director of the Anna Lindh Foundation comprises the following main responsibilities:

  • Prepare the multi-annual work programme of the Foundation and its budget in consultation with the President and the national networks;
  • Appoint and head the staff of the Foundation;
  • Ensure the stability of the structure of the Foundation and its compliance with the Foundation’s objectives;
  • Maintain linkages with the network of national networks and guarantee good contacts between the networks themselves;
  • Prepare the annual work programme for adoption by the Board of Governors and to ensure its implementation in consultation with the ALF President.
  • Execute the budget;
  • Submit periodic and annual activity reports as well as financial accounts to the Board of Governors for adoption;
  • Maintain transparent procedures and correct circulation of information concerning all activities done or supported by the Foundation;
  • Prepare the meetings of the Board of Governors.


According to the ALF Status, the Executive Director shall be the legal representative of the Foundation.

Countries covered:

  • Egypt