Extraordinary Call for Contributions for the European Union Border Assistance Mission in Libya (EUBAM Libya)

Opportunity type : Job Opportunities
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Vacancy Notices:

– Senior Coordination Adviser

– Medical Adviser


The Senior Coordination Adviser reports to the Head of the Border Management Unit.
Main Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • To map, assess, and coordinate international assistance to Libyan authorities in the areas covered by the Mission’s mandate, especially related to border management;
  • To  closely  coordinate  with  the  Mission’s  operational  components/units  to  ensure  that  Mission’s operational  activities  are  coordinated  with  other  local,  EU  and  international  actors  to  avoid duplication and advise on the consistence, complementarity and sustainability of Mission’s activities with other international initiatives;
  • To provide advice in the design and establishment of local coordination mechanisms, and represent the Mission in these mechanisms, together with Operational Components representatives;
  • To contribute to the development and regular updating of the Mission Implementation Plan, once it is in place;
  • To contribute to Mission’s internal and external reporting against benchmarking;
  • To undertake any other related tasks as requested by the Line Manager(s).


The Medical Adviser reports to the Senior Mission Security Officer, in close relationship with the Head of Mission Support.
Main Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • To provide advice and guidance for the work of the Medical aspects of the Mission;
  • To assist and advise the Head of Mission, Senior Mission Security Officer and Head of Mission Support on all medical/welfare matters;
  • To develop, organise and monitor the provision of primary care and  Basic Life Support to the Mission;
  • To coordinate the plans and policies on all medical issues and health matters related to the provision of medical support to the Mission, including a medical emergency plan;
  • To provide basic medical care and advice to staff members as appropriate;
  • To  provide  medical  guidance  to  all  staff  members  and  to  liaise  with  Finance  and  Human Resources on certified sick leaves, uncertified sick leaves both in and out of theatre;
  • To respond to medical incidents and events on a 24/7 basis;
  • To act as first responder in providing Basic Life trauma treatment during incidents and to liaise with regional health care providers in order to coordinate the provision and assess the quality of primary and specialist care to EUBAM  staff members;
  • To coordinate medical evacuations and to assist in providing medical support during evacuation and repatriation; advise evacuees on the requirements for evacuation and/or escorts patients if needed;
  • To assess the requirements for further treatment in theatre and/or the medical evacuation (by ground and/or by air) if EUBAM staff members are in need of (advanced) medical treatment due to illness or an emergency in close cooperation with the medical practitioner in attendance;
  • To coordinate and monitor all elements of the medical evacuation chain in case of disease or injury of the Mission member in close cooperation with all involved health care providers and the Mission’s insurance company;
  • To liaise with international civilian and non-governmental humanitarian and support agencies in the areas of operation when required;
  • To be responsible for the staff on everyday issues including possible prescription of medicine, if available, and to keep and oversee the pharmaceuticals in stock for the most common illnesses.
  • To ensure that the contents of all Mission First Aid and Trauma Kits are present and up to date;
  • To coordinate and perform Medical Briefings and  Basic Life Support Training for all incoming Mission members;
  • Contribute to the production of daily Situation Reports;
  • Contributes to lessons identification;
  • To undertake any other related task as requested by the Line Manager(s)

Countries covered:

  • Libya
  • Tunisia