Funding in the areas of youth, gender equality and environment, EU-funded Moucharaka Mouwatina project

Opportunity type : Calls for Proposals
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The Moucharaka Mouwatina support program for civil society in Morocco, funded by the European Union, launches calls for proposals for funding windows 3 and 4 in the areas of youth, gender equality and the environment.

These calls for proposals are open to eligible civil society organizations operating in one of the 4 regions targeted by the program:

  • Casablanca-Settat
  • The Oriental,
  • Souss-Massa,
  • Tangier-Tetouan Al Hoceima.

Non-governmental organizations, research centers, associations, professional associations, independent foundations, public institutes of higher education and non-profit universities as well as cooperatives can submit their application for funding at one of the two windows (3 and 4) according to the conditions and procedures specified in the guidelines and annexes of the relevant call for proposals.

The regional program teams are mobilized to technically support interested and eligible civil society organizations.

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Countries covered:

  • Morocco