Grants Assistant Coordinator (south), European Endowment for Democracy

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The European Endowment for Democracy is looking for a Grants Assistant Coordinator to support its flexible democracy support work. Specifically, EED is looking for support in the administrative and financial management of its grants in the Middle East and North Africa and other countries of EED operations.

The ideal candidate has a keen interest in financial management. At least two years of proven full-time professional experience in civil society-related projects and programmes is required. The candidates must have a full working knowledge of English and Arabic, while French is considered as an asset.

Main functions of the post:

• Supporting the management of EED grants, in close coordination with relevant staff, focusing on ensuring eligibility of costs, monitoring the financial management of the projects and compliance with contract stipulations;

• Providing guidance and assistance to EED grantees regarding the financial management of the grants;

• Preparing financial reports and other documentation for submission to EED donors.

Duties and Responsibilities:

The selected candidate will work under the guidance of the relevant Grants Manager(s) and report to the Director of Operations, and shall be responsible for (in addition to the above-mentioned):

• Directly reviewing financial reports from EED grantees (and all related supporting documents/invoices submitted by grantees in local languages) in order to verify eligibility of expenses;

• Assisting in the assessment of budgets of initial proposals for EED grants;

• Drafting contracts and all related contractual documentation;

• Ensuring compliance of grant implementation with EED contractual requirements;

• Ensuring internal grant administrative cycles (e.g. preparing internal memos etc.);

• Liaising with grantees to provide training, assistance and advice regarding the financial management of the grant, including support in preparing requests for addenda regarding changes in activity plans, budget revisions and project extensions;

• Coordinating with EED colleagues and sending consolidated feedback on financial and narrative reports to grantees;

• Collecting, verifying and aggregating data related to substantive, technical and financial implementation related to the different grants;

• Assisting in the preparation of comprehensive financial reports for EED’s donors and ensuring timely submission of such reports (with all required supporting documents), in compliance with contract stipulations;

• Assisting in keeping track of expenditure by financial year; and liaising with relevant colleagues to keep track of funds received from and/or to be reimbursed to donors in each financial year:

• Supporting internal knowledge management and learning;

• Advising grantees on donor regulations;

• Coordinating with EED external consultant(s);

• Carrying out on-site monitoring missions, if required;

• Providing translation of short texts and/or commissioning/coordinating translation of more extensive documentation, as necessary;

• Performing other related tasks as required.

Countries covered:

  • Algeria
  • Egypt
  • Israel
  • Jordan
  • Lebanon
  • Libya
  • Morocco
  • Palestine *
  • Tunisia
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