Land development and sustainable agriculture practices in Palestine

Opportunity type : Calls for Proposals
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The global objective of this call for proposals is to promote social and economic development in Area C through improving resilience and tenure security of Palestinian communities and enhancing public and private sectors’ capacities, contributing to a more inclusive, sustainable, private sector-led economic development in the path towards a green economy.

The specific objective of this call for proposals is to support agriculture growth and profitability by provision of adequate sustainable means for better access to and utilisation of land and water in Area C. These means should focus on well-adapted agriculture practices and on the introduction of rational water management for sustainable livelihoods of vulnerable populations in Area C.

The expected results under this specific objective are:

  • Innovative and replicable models for integrated land development and water management are piloted for possible upscaling;
  • Improved standards of living and resilience of targeted vulnerable livelihoods, while fostering social cohesion through local stakeholders’ partnerships.

The priorities of this call for proposals are:

1] reclamation of sub-utilized agricultural lands (within the purpose of increasing long-term productivity and competiveness of agriculture in these areas, including grazing and fallow lands; support to improve and expand solutions to mitigate existing infrastructural limitations and legal restrictions in the access to land);

2] increase availability and improvement in the use of water for agricultural purposes (rehabilitation or construction of rain-water harvesting cisterns, community-reservoirs, small dams, irrigation systems, steel water tanks, rehabilitation of wells and springs, water conveyance systems, etc.);

3] capacity development for (i) farmers’ associations/cooperatives, strengthening their management and advocacy skills, including women’s empowerment initiatives, improving agriculture practices, in particular the development and adoption of adequate soil and water management plans, and the intermediation between individual farmers and extension and veterinary services and (ii) to support the MoA’s legal affairs department, institutionalizing the legal support function within the Ministry services

The proposed project should cover at least two of the above-mentioned priorities of this Call for Proposals.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to present proposals in a consortium of eligible applicants (please see section ‘2.1.1.’ and ‘2.1.2.’).

The proposal should include a detailed risk assessment and mitigation measures.

Countries covered:

  • Palestine *