Language assistant to Resident Twinning Adviser (RTA) for the European Union Twinning Project “Strengthening the Administrative and Operational Capacities of the Egyptian Customs Authority”

Opportunity type : Calls for Proposals
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A language assistant to Resident Twinning Adviser (RTA) is sought for an EU Twinning Project entitled “Strengthening the Administrative and Operational Capacities of the Egyptian Customs Authority – EG 16 ENI FI0119”.

The project is implemented by The Italian Customs and Monopolies Agency, Studiare Sviluppo Srl and the Egyptian Customs Authority.


  • Supporting the RTA and other project experts in their day-to-day activities as Project translator and interpreter;
  • Providing translation and interpretation in the preparation and implementation of activities, such as training, meetings, workshops, seminars or other circumstances as required;
  • Providing translation and interpretation assistance in the preparation of studies, documents and other material, in the areas covered by the Twinning;
  • Assisting the RTA in drafting the minutes in Arabic and English of the Steering Committee Meetings and other meetings /events related to the Project;
  • Reviewing, translating and editing text relevant to the project (newsletters, press releases, PowerPoint presentations and documents) in English and Arabic;
  • Accompanying the RTA or other project experts to meetings, workshops, seminars as well as to missions and field visits throughout Egypt and EU (for activities outside Alexandria only travel and accommodation costs will be reimbursed);
  • Providing general support for RTA and/or other experts with BC partners and/or authorities, with particular reference to the assistance and management of mission reports and other documents provided by them;
  • Assisting the RTA in communications, liaison and general working relations with BC public offices and institutions, relevant to project activities;
  • Providing assistance, including linguistic one, to the BC and MS Administration associated with the Twinning, as and when required;
  • Maintaining a high level of ethical behavior and acting in a non-discriminatory manner at all times;
  • Respecting, actively supporting and, where appropriate, contributing to the overall aims and objectives of the Project;
  • Following the Project policy regarding behavior, appearance, health, safety, security, payment regimes, and use of Project equipment etc;
  • Performing temporarily RTA assistant in case of his/her unavailability at work;
  • Maintaining confidentiality in all matters relating to the work of the Project.

Countries covered:

  • Egypt