Launch of the National Competition for Water Conservation for Media Youth 2020, Egypt

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The European Union in Egypt, represented by the “EU-Water STARS” project, and the Ministry of Water Resources &Irrigation announce the launch of the National Competition for Water Conservation for Media Youth 2020. The contest aimed at encouraging media major students all over Egypt to produce awareness audio/video water conservation material encouraging people to rationalize water consumption.

Competition Goals:

  • Raising the awareness of participants about the methods of water conservation through their search for information related to rationalizing water consumption, in addition to information on best practices for water saving.
  • Encouraging the participants and citizens to apply the best practices in water conservation.
  • Encourage participants to support water issues and to spread the awareness messages of the Ministry of Water Resources &Irrigation to the public, especially in the field of agriculture.
  • Developing the values ​​of belonging and citizenship for both participants and citizens by preserving the national resources.
  • Stimulating the values of belonging and citizenship through proper use of the national resources.

Submission Deadline

Upload your video to one of the large file transfer sites and send the link with your personal data to the following email:


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Countries covered:

  • Egypt