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Opportunity type : Calls for Proposals
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The Support to Libya for Economic Integration, Diversification and Sustainable Employment programme is a 4-year technical assistance programme that has been entrusted by the European Union to Expertise France, the French technical cooperation agency, under an indirect management delegation agreement.
The ultimate aim of the SLEIDSE programme is to promote the development of a dynamic and diversified MSME sector in all regions of Libya, capable of creating employment and livelihoods for Libyans, and in particular for women and youth, through widely accessible and relevant MSME support services. The programme relies on 3 main components which aim at:
1. Disseminating the entrepreneurship culture 2. Improving support services to MSMEs all over Libya 3. Improving access to finance for MSMEs 4. Public private dialogue  
SLEIDSE Team is looking for a dynamic Libyan communication company to carry out mentoring videos showcasing successful Libyan entrepreneurs. 

Description of assignment

The company will provide the program with 6 videos over 2018, which will include interviews with 6 entrepreneurs from different parts of Libya. The company must identify and submit to SLEIDSE’s team a list of 12 entrepreneurs with a short bio for decision.
Specifically, the company will provide:  
– A list of Libyan successful entrepreneurs The characters of the entrepreneurs should be as followed:  1-  Age must be between 18 – 35 2- already having a running business 3- making profits 4- having at least 2 employees  – Traveling inside of Libya for video shootings – Translate all materials to (Arabic/English) – Provide a list of entrepreneurs from different part of Libya – 3 out of 6 videos must be done for Female entrepreneurs  – The videos must be not less than 2 minutes and not more than 4 minutes

Countries covered:

  • Libya