Mediterranean Youth Climate Heroes Contest, The Center for Mediterranean Integration (CMI)

Opportunity type : Competitions
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The purpose of this contest is to select about 50 youth from the Mediterranean region and invite them to participate in a Mediterranean Youth Forum on Climate Change organized by the Centre for Mediterranean Integration (CMI) and its technical partners. This Forum will take place in the summer of 2020 in a Mediterranean country or remotely through videoconference.

Applicants are invited to submit their innovative work (community-based projects, research papers, policy briefs, business cases, social events, concrete mitigation or adaptation field projects, etc.) related to the following themes:

  • Climate-resilient urban services and infrastructures
  • Nature-based solutions to address climate change mitigation and adaptation
  • Food security and sustainable management of natural resources
  • Climate change-induced migrations
  • Inclusive local development and territorial governance of climate change

Countries covered:

  • Algeria
  • Egypt
  • Jordan
  • Lebanon
  • Libya
  • Morocco
  • Palestine *
  • Syria *
  • Tunisia