Mid-term evaluation of E-nable Project in Libya (M/W)

Opportunity type : Job Opportunities
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The overall objective of the evaluation is to improve the present and future project intervention.

To do this, it will draw up a mid-term review with the following specific objectives:

  • Global analysis of project performance: by answering the evaluation questions, check if the needs are still present, analyze the effectiveness of project management, the sustainability, the potential for impact, and the factors promoting or hindering performance (recurring obstacles, etc.);
  • Implementation strategy: confirm/inform the operational strategic choices and explore the necessary reorientations by formulating recommendations on the strategic adjustment previously proposed the project;
  • Capacity building performance: by measuring the efficiency, relevance and impact of the capacity building activities;
  • Learning: identify good practices and lessons learned in order to propose recommendations to reorient and improve the intervention and support the internal learning process within the Libyan mission.

The evaluator should provide evidence to explain the analyses, cause and effect linkages and attempt to identify any factors that are enhancing or hindering progress. Their work must foster accountability, decision-making, and learning.

Countries covered:

  • Libya
  • Tunisia