Open call for participation: Vision Med 2030 Mashreq

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Med Dialogue for Rights and Equality is facilitating a consultation process that provides civil society actors and stakeholders with a dialogue platform, aimed at shaping a vision of the Mediterranean for the years to come.

This envisioning and awareness raising exercise on the challenges of the Mediterranean as a common destiny will provide a useful framework and the opportunity for Civil Society Organisations CSOs and other stakeholders to develop a coherent, shared set of conceptualisations, values and goals for the future of the region that can help shape its development path, preserve its rich natural heritage, and celebrate its unique character.

The main objective of the consultation process is to produce a document that provides a vision for the Mediterranean region as a common space, and a lasting environment for cooperation and political construction. The workshop will also develop a set of recommendations/ ideas for a campaign advocating for this vision, following Vision Med 2030 conclusions/ results, and where objectives, target groups and tools will be explored using Design Thinking approaches.

Vision Med 2030 is divided into three stages of consultation and participatory work:

  1. A first South-South consultation workshop for the Maghreb region was held from 18 to 21 July 2019 in Tunis,
  2. The second South-South consultation workshop for the Mashreq region – and which is the object of this Call – will be held in Amman-Jordan in the period between 26 February and 1st March 2020
  3. A final North-South consultation workshop, bringing together participants from both sides of the Mediterranean, with which the consultation process will be concluded, taking into account the outcomes of the previous two workshops, is scheduled to take place in May-June 2020, in Brussels.

This 2nd Vision Med South-South consultation workshop aims at opening a reflection in the Mashreq area on the destiny of the Mediterranean as a common social, cultural, political and economic space, in order to then come up with a common vision for the future of the Mediterranean.

Specific Objectives of the Mashreq Workshop

The 2nd Vision Med South-South consultation workshop aims to:

  • Articulate and shape civil society’s hopes and expectations, involving a selected number of participants from the most diversified representation possible of civil society actors and stakeholders, and develop a vision of the Mediterranean as our “common destiny”,
  • Develop proposals for strategies, actions and partnerships to make this vision a realistic goal,
  • Facilitate the exchange of experiences, good practices and networking of civil society organisations, as well as their collaboration in advocacy and other actions related to the Mediterranean Area;
  • Build on the statement adopted at the Maghreb Workshop and draft a consolidated document of principles that translate common values into a vision; and conceive ideas for a regional campaign advocating for such a vision, taking into account the specific demands and challenges of the Mashreq region.

Who can apply?

The 2nd Vision Med South-South workshop will bring together 30 representatives of CSOs and other sectors or entities with a regional/trans-national projection and/or capacity for action, as well as activists interested in Mediterranean affairs.

This Call aims at selecting 10 young participants from the total group of 30.

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Countries covered:

  • Egypt
  • Israel
  • Jordan
  • Lebanon
  • Palestine *
  • Syria *
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