Organisation and implementation of the Jazz Festival in Rabat, capital of the Kingdom of Morocco

Opportunity type : Calls for Proposals
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The purpose of this contract is the organisation and implementation, in all of its aspects of artistic, logistical, and technical programming, communications, etc., of the 24th European Jazz Festival in Rabat (capital of the Kingdom of Morocco), a priori on the historic site of Chellah, and a priori at the end of September 2019. This festival will take place on 5 consecutive evenings in front of about 1 200 spectators every evening. In parallel, the selected service provider will organise, outside of the main programming site, in Rabat or in a town in the immediate vicinity (for example: Salé), relevant ‘off-site’ events on the theme of jazz for audiences who cannot travel (examples: master classes, fanfares, public debates, film screenings, etc.).

The service provider will prepare an album of this 24th edition of the European live jazz gatherings (recording, production, mixing, post-production, manufacturing, etc.) The service provider will also ensure excellent visibility for the EU-Morocco partnership and excellent communication about the festival throughout its duration.

Countries covered:

  • Morocco