Paid Traineeships at the EU Delegation to Egypt

Opportunity type : Internships / traineeships
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The Delegation of the EU to Egypt offers paid traineeships to young graduates with a university diploma and less than one year of professional experience.

Paid traineeships are available in the following sections:

  • Political (Foreign Affairs)

  • Political (Press and Information)

  • Political (Human Rights)

  • Trade

  • Security

Are you eligible for a remunerated traineeship?

You may apply for the traineeship if:

  • You are a young graduate with a University diploma (at least Bachelor degree)

  • You have less than 1 year of professional experience

  • You are a national of an EU Member State, pre-accession State or a national of Egypt

  • You have no previous professional experience in the EU Institutions (longer than 6 weeks)

What are the general rules?

  • Duration: the traineeship can be up to a maximum of six months

  • Monthly grant: selected trainees will receive a monthly grant of 600€

    (providing that the required budget is allocated)

  • Visa: trainees are responsible for obtaining and covering the cost of necessary visa

  • Travel: trainees have to arrange and finance their travel to the EU Delegation in Egypt

  • Accommodation: the trainee will have to cover the accommodation costs

Countries covered:

  • Egypt