Political Affairs Officer, EU Delegation to Egypt

Opportunity type : Job Opportunities
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The Political Affairs Officer (PAO) will be working in the Political, Press and Information Section, and will monitor, analyze and report on the political situation in Egypt, offering a balanced assessment of developments for use by the Delegation in its overall political reporting requirements. The PAO will establish contacts in order to be informed of political developments, and in order to explain and articulate EU policy to these various groups.. The PAO will work under the direct authority of the Head of the Political, Press and Information Section, and the overall authority of the Head of Delegation.

Function and duties

  • Contribute to the Section’s monitoring of mainly domestic political and legislative developments.
  • Contribute as necessary to the Section’s analysis of human rights developments, in areas of freedom of association and expression, fundamental human rights and democracy.
  • Co-ordinate as necessary with the Operations Sections on issues relevant to political developments (in particular, where EU funding is involved)
  • Contribute to the organization and planning of visits of senior EU officials.
  • Contribute as necessary to the Section work in the implementation of EU partnership with Egypt especially with respect progress (and other related) Report and sub-committee meetings, especially those concerning political dialogue.
  • Assist the Head of Section in maintaining an extensive network of contacts among political actors in Egypt, and in liaising with relevant services of the European External Action Service, the European Commission, Council Secretariat, and other EU institutions as appropriate.

Countries covered:

  • Egypt