Pro-Resilient Action inside Syria – PROACT 2016

Opportunity type : Calls for Proposals
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The global objective of this call for proposals is the strengthening of the agricultural and livestock productions, including livelihood opportunities and related value chains while at the same time tackling the roots causes of the past droughts, through an improvement of the water management and irrigation, in collaboration with local governance institutions when feasible.

The specific objective(s) of this call for proposals are:

Specific Objective 1:    Reinforcing agro-ecological systems and improving sustainable access to key agriculture inputs and services and natural resource management to allow people who depend on the sector to restore their livelihoods, in close collaboration with local governance structures.

Specific Objective 2:    Addressing systemic risks (drought, climate change, land governance and others) to successfully emerge from the crisis.

Under Specific Objective 1, based on local needs assessment, sound market analyses, and a conflict sensitive approach, the focus is to:

  • Reinforce and recover agricultural assets by:
    • Supporting cereal production by rehabilitating the seed production and distribution systems along with the provision of other required agricultural inputs;
    • Supporting diversification of production, including the provision of agricultural inputs such as plastic sheets for greenhouses and diversification to other cash crops to increase household income;
    • Providing livestock producers with feed, animal assets, vaccines and regular veterinary drugs;
  • Restore livelihood systems by:
    • Establishing agriculture based micro and medium enterprises in rural areas and foster the involvement of the private sector and rural entrepreneurship; 
    • Rehabilitating damaged irrigation infrastructure and improve water for production efficiency through low cost technology (solar panels and others);
    • Providing credit lines or start-ups to farmers associations and promote diversification of productive assets and practices;

Expected results under Specific Objective 1 may include increased cereal production and distribution, agricultural production is diversified in a sustainable way, improved livestock production, sustainable micro and medium enterprises in rural areas are active and the private sector involved, irrigation infrastructure is rehabilitated through low cost technology, and start-up support to framers associations.

Under Specific Objective 2, based on local needs assessment and a conflict sensitive approach, the focus is to:

  • Build capacity of local governance structures for incorporating Drought Early Warning capacity for food security information management and assessments.
  • Rehabilitate extension and research services particularly for local breeds;
  • Rehabilitate and strengthen veterinary services, including rehabilitating domestic vaccine production.
  • Assess and support analysis on agricultural land use and provide support to improved land governance

Expected results under Specific Objective 2 may include, local structures’ capacities strengthened for Drought Early Warning, extension and research services rehabilitated, and veterinary services strengthened, and analysis and support to land governance for agricultural livelihoods improved.

Countries covered:

  • Syria *