Procurement and Administration Officer, EU-funded Tfanen project Tunisia

Opportunity type : Job Opportunities
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Role Purpose
This role has the overall objective of supporting the Head of Finance and Procurement and the rest of the core team in the operational planning, management and delivery of the Tfanen project.

The post holder will be expected to provide support in administrative and logistic tasks, office, resources and information management.

The post holder will report to the Head of Finance & Contracts within the Tfanen Team and will work closely as necessary with colleagues in the region/UK/ all times

Function Overview

This post will provide administrative support to the finance, procurement and contracts management for Tfanen, a highly successful EU-funded programme currently in its third year of delivery with a recent extension of 5 million EUR until November 2021. The overall objective of the programme is to strengthen the Tunisian Cultural Sector, with long-term ambitions that this will contribute to the consolidation of democracy and social cohesion in Tunisia. This is to be achieved by creating a cultural ecosystem where actors and beneficiaries (citizens – with a particular focus on youth and women & girls, civil society groups, private/public institutions) are involved in, and therefore actively contribute to and ‘own’, culture and development in Tunisia.

Specific Objectives (SOs) of the programme are:

·         Promotion of Tunisian Cultural Diversity and access to culture at local, national and international levels (SO1)

·         Supporting freedom of expression and creativity, with a particular focus on youth, and professional development of the Tunisian cultural sector (SO2) 

Countries covered:

  • Tunisia
Culture Media