Programme Assistant, ECHO Amman Regional Office

Opportunity type : Job Opportunities
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The European Commission’s Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection (ECHO), funds relief operations for victims of natural disasters and conflicts outside the European Union. For humanitarian aid, the Commission works with about 200 operational partners, including United Nation agencies, the Red Cross/Crescent movement and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Aid is channeled impartially, straight to victims, regardless of their race, ethnic group, religion, gender, age, nationality or political affiliation.


As a part of the Jordan country team, the Programme Assistant of the Amman Office, Jordan will carry out activities such as:

1. Programme work

  • Contributes to the appraisal, monitoring and evaluation of projects, including financial assessment of proposals;
  • Critically studies and comments upon partners’ reports and field operations and reports to line manager;
  • Assists the Head of Office/TA in the preparation of fiche-ops, as appropriate;
  • Assists with, participate in, and report on meetings, as appropriate;
  • Advises on the operational capacity of implementing partners;
  • Drafts reports on the humanitarian situation, including any political, economic and security events relevant to the analysis of the humanitarian situation in the country/region;
  • Produces and circulates information of common interest (humanitarian situation reports, background information, etc);
  • Accompanies the TA on field visits, as requested and may act as an interpreter if necessary.
  • Assists the HoO/TA in the event of an emergency response;
  • Prepares maps, when appropriate;
  • Provides back-stopping and surge support capacity in case of need.

2. Specific duties

  • Pro-actively follows local or regional events that may impact on the humanitarian situation in the country/region;
  • Appraises, monitors and evaluates projects and reports to the line manager.

3. Working with partners

  • Maintains contacts with ECHO’s partners, advising the TA of any major issues arising;
  • Ensures communications with ECHO’s partners, including establishing and maintaining a database of relevant organisations and personnel;
  • Maintains contracts/grants database.

4. Representing ECHO

  • Participates in meetings, as requested and appropriate;
  • Liaises with local authorities and institutions, as delegated and appropriate;
  • Assists with enhancing the visibility and communication of ECHO’s overall assistance.

5. Other specific tasks/responsibilities (if/when applicable)

  • Provides reports and other ad-hoc documents as requested and to be verified and agreed by the HoO/TA;
  • Responds to requests for information as delegated;
  • Prepares missions: agenda setting, contacts with partners, programming visits, meetings, etc;
  • Undertakes any additional tasks as assigned by the TA, Head of Office/RSO and/or Headquarters.

Countries covered:

  • Jordan