Programme Manager, EU Delegation in Jordan

Opportunity type : Job Opportunities
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The Delegation of the European Union in Jordan is seeking to recruit a Programme Manager for the Cooperation Section in the area of Human Rights and Governance. The person appointed will be offered a limited duration contract (11 months) on terms appropriate to his/her position.

Job Location: Delegation of the European Union Amman- Jordan.

Tasks will include:

  • To support policy dialogue with all relevant ministries, agencies, donors and other relevant stakeholders in the areas of Human Rights and Good Governance.

  • To contribute to sector analysis and to the definition of a sector strategy for the EU (Single Support Framework, EU-Jordan Partnership Priorities, , EU Human Rights Strategy, etc.).

  • Observe, monitor and report regularly and in timely fashion (including early warnings on potential disputes) to Headquarters on sectoral issues, as well as in response to any specific requests.

  • To contribute to Delegation’s regular and ad-hoc reporting to Head Quarters.

  • To contribute to programming, identification and appraisal in close cooperation with the beneficiary institution (s) in Jordan, if and when such programmes are decided in the programming process.

  • To contribute to all aspects of the procurement process (drafting TORs, launching tenders, etc.).

  • To assist in launching, managing and monitoring calls for proposals, tenders, evaluation and selection of projects.

  • To monitor ongoing projects, to attend management and monitoring meetings, to elaborate progress reports on projects and propose action if and when needed.

  • Evaluate projects and programmes.

  • To maintain contacts with other donors active in Jordan.

  • To give the “operational visa” on any document where required.

  • To ensure the follow-up of the implementation of projects/programmes and the performance of partners, monitor contractual obligations (via periodic reviews, audits, reporting and assistance, etc.) and gather and handle external expertise

  • To deal with horizontal activities, consultation and networking aspects of the programme and its projects

  • To maintain good and effective contacts with the local operators in the field, with the national authorities and institution, with representatives of the diplomatic missions of the Member States, with representatives of the principal international donors, with NGOs and other local non-official actors.

  • To prepare and assist in missions from Headquarters

  • To produce and disseminate the results of projects at workshops, seminars, conferences and other public events

  • To extract and disseminate best practices and facilitate exchange of experience

  • To ensure the EU visibility in the related sector in line with DG NEAR guidelines and own Delegation’s Communication Strategy.

  • To Contribute to the production of publications.

Countries covered:

  • Jordan