Recruitment of Experts, EU-funded SOLiD project

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As the SOLiD project is entering its second phase (2021-2024), the consortium leading the project (composed of ITUC, ATUC, BUSINESSMED and ANND) has set itself the objective to extend the initiative to three new countries: Algeria, Lebanon and Palestine. The ambition of the consortium is to adapt the social dialogue charter to the respective national contexts and have it adopted by these new partners, as well as building the capacities of organizations involved in social dialogue at the level of each country and developing national action plans on each of the articles of the Charter.

To carry out this mission, the Secretariat of the SOLiD project has started this second phase with a program to raise awareness and mobilize the various social partners and civil society. This essential stage of upgrading between the partners of the countries joining the project and those of the first phase consisted essentially in conducting country studies on the issue of social dialogue, as well as a capacity-building program for target groups in Algeria, Lebanon and Palestine and convergence between the 6 countries of implementation.

In this context, the project partners are to request the services of independent experts for the constitution of an advisory group to assist them on the various points of the SOLiD charter, themselves constituting a translation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

These experts will subsequently be called upon for technical advice to the project consortium, to carry out thematic studies on each of the points of the charter, as well as to facilitate multipartite national meetings both social partners, civil society, local authorities, economic and social councils, professional associations, and government representatives.

Mission of the consultant     

The SOLiD project consortium wishes to set up a group of experts whose mission will be to support the Project Secretariat on the themes of economic and social development relating to multipartite social dialogue in the Southern Mediterranean countries. For this purpose, the recruited expert will have the following missions:

  1. Technical and programmatic assistance to the project team as a member of the SOLiD 2 advisory board (two meetings per year)
  2. Development of thematic factsheets on one (or more) of the points of the SOLiD charter. These factsheets will intend to describe the situation of each country hosting a multi-stakeholder meeting on the subject in question. The scheduled multi-stakeholder meetings are 6 in total and will see the participation of social partners, civil society, local and governmental authorities, as well as economic and social councils of each target country
  3. Development of presentations on the theme of expertise which will serve as support for the animation of thematic sessions during the multi-stakeholder meetings
  4. Conduction of thematic sessions during multi-stakeholder meetings
  5. Drafting the minutes of multi-stakeholder meetings
  6. Formulation, in the long term and jointly with the entire group of experts, of the group meetings’ outcomes in a summary document which will serve as a basis for the development of action plans around the SOLiD charter

Countries covered:

  • Algeria
  • Jordan
  • Lebanon
  • Morocco
  • Palestine *
  • Tunisia