Regional training “Arab Youth supporting Gender Equality and Cultural Heritage”

Opportunity type : Training
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UNESCO Beirut Office launches a call for applications for a forthcoming regional training “Arab Youth supporting Gender Equality and Cultural Heritage” in Beirut, from 15 to 18 November 2017. 

A 4 – day training workshop starting on Wednesday 15 November and ending on Saturday 18 November 2017 will be organized by UNESCO and held at UNESCO Beirut office and Coral Beach Hotel – Bir Hassan. The workshop will:

– Raise – awareness amongst leading Arab youth on the importance of gender to culture and the existing instruments to advance equality, challenge stereotypes and the prevailing conception of tasks, functions and roles attributed to young women and men when it comes to cultural heritage protection and promotion.

– Develop the strategic planning capacities , evidence – based knowledge, communication skills and effective commitment of partner youth organizations working on cultural heritage promotion in order to further mainstream gender within their projects and actions

– Reinforce North – South – South networking and exchange of practices between Arab and European Youth organiz ations in order to cross their experiences in the field of gender mainstreaming within cultural heritage promotion and protection

Countries covered:

  • Lebanon