Rehabilitation and improvement of irrigation infrastructures – Fayoum and Minya Governorates, Egypt

Opportunity type : Calls for Tenders
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The EU-JRDP activities in Fayoum Governorate will be executed in two Command Areas (CA) and related Sub-Areas (SA), chosen after a selection based on pre-determined criteria defined and approved by the PMU of EU-JRDP and its Ministerial counterparts. The selected two CAs are Bahr Awlad Mohamed and Bahr Biahmu.

The Bahr Awlad Mohamed CA (from the intake at Bahr El Gharq Canal) and related SAs cover a total irrigated area of 3,896 feddan, including three branches (Bahr Zonkot, Qalamsha and Qalamsha extension canal for about 1188 feddan) and 15 tertiary canals/mesqas.

The Bahr Biahmu CA (from the intake at Bahr Sannuras Omoumy Canal), for a total of 2,601 feddan and including a sub – area for about 1,279 feddan and 3 main tertiary canals/mesqas).

Main works are: rehabilitation of 18 traditional open mesqas in two CAs and SAs; rehabilitation of 2 main canals; installing pumping station; improving of irrigation facilities.

Countries covered:

  • Egypt