Secretary in the Cooperation Section, EU Delegation to Egypt

Opportunity type : Job Opportunities
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The EU Delegation to Egypt offers the post of Secretary (Local Agent Group 3) in the Delegation’s Cooperation Section. The team consists of 29 people and there are occasional atypical working hours.

Under this post, the recruited person will be attributed functions depending on the needs of the Delegation, and on the changes of these needs. The successful candidate will serve under the supervision and responsibility of the Head of the Cooperation Section, providing support, expertise and assistance in the secretariat of the Section.


The following main tasks and duties are currently required:




Office management and secretarial support

•             Provide daily assistance to the Section work, managing calls, requests, agendas, missions and car movements;

•             Provide support to the organization of meetings with logistical support and coordination;

•             Provide organizational and logistical support to incoming missions and visits.


Document management and internal communication


•             Check correspondence, control the flow of all incoming & outgoing documents of the Cooperation Section while archiving the documents to allow easy access;

•             Management of registered mails, following registration process, filing and archiving in appropriate system under supervision of the Document Management Officer (DMO);

•             Provide administrative support in the circuit and processes with National authorities, external stakeholders and with Headquarters;

•             Use of existing applications including ARES, ABAC, OPSYS[1] ;

•             Contribute to the quality check of documents presented for signature;

•             Prepare draft letters, memos and notes (including verbal notes), translation of simple documents (English into Arabic or vice versa).




•             Maintain good and effective contacts with local operators in the field, national authorities and institutions, representatives of diplomatic missions of the Member States, representatives of international donors, NGOs and other local non-official actors;

•             Develop contacts lists and maintain them up-to-date;

•             Back-up for visibility and communication uploading tasks.


In addition, any other task relating to the activities of the Section and of the Delegation.



Countries covered:

  • Egypt