Senior Non-Key Expert Position: Renewable Energy Integration With Electricity Operation, Egypt

Opportunity type : Job Opportunities
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Increasing the capacity of the transmission system to integrate more generation from renewable energy is linked to the matching between generation expansion planning, including RE supply sources and longterm planning of the grid as well as its optimum operational practices. The target is to have a grid,which is capable to absorb the targeted renewable energy supply sources, while maintaining its reliability, stability and efficiency under operating conditions of using large share of intermittent renewable energy sources,such as wind and solar PV systems.

The objective of this assignment is to conduct the following activities;

  • a.Review of the current grid operation code(a sub code of the grid code) as well as the wind code and Solar PV code, regarding the operational issues relevant to intermittent renewable energy supplies, and propose areas for improvement.
  • b.Gap analysis regarding the De jure as well as De facto of the current operation practices.
  • c.Identification of capacity building needs to the national control center personnel to be able to operate the grid under a growing share of RE supply sources.

The consultant will work closely with the Head of Operation at the Egyptian Electricity Transmission company, and the national control center for the operation of the transmission system, which belongs to EETC.

Countries covered:

  • Egypt