Short-term consultant, EU-funded MedArtSal project, Lebanon

Opportunity type : Job Opportunities
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ADR – Association For The Development Of Rural Capacities (Lebanon) is seeking to hire a short-term consultant who will work on the “Definition of a Framework for Knowledge Mapping and Transferring Design” under the WP6 of the project “International Networking”.

The immediate objective (output) and activities of this assignment are the definition of a framework for Knowledge Mapping and Transferring design. The aim is fostering and promoting the exchange of knowledge and expertise with regard to Sustainable Management of the Artisanal Salinas, promoting Artisanal Salinas’ sustainable management according the MedArtSal Model for long-term benefit on the environment, culture, heritage, and socio-economic interests in salt production value chain; increasing the public awareness and education. 

Countries covered:

  • Lebanon