Social Entrepreneurship Competition, Lebanon

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Do you have ideas or projects to face a specific social problem? Participate now to the Social Entrepreneurship Competition!

The awards to be granted under this competition are funded via 2 simultaneously running projects:

  • BADAEL; a project funded by EU Trust Fund MADAD and carried out by Oxfam, UTOPIA, Association Najdeh and Beyond Reform and Development. BADAEL aims at supporting entrepreneurial initiatives with a social impact to better the socio-economic situation in Lebanon.
  • “MedUP; “Promoting social entrepreneurship in the Mediterranean region”; an EU funded project to be implemented over four years’ period that started in March 2018 in 6 countries of the MENA region namely Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan and Occupied Palestinian Territories. The project is implemented by Oxfam Italia in partnership with several partners.

This competition followed rounds of social entrepreneurship trainings for more than 9000 Lebanese, Syrian and Palestinian individuals in addition to a three days training for local SESOs (Social Enterprises’ Support Organizations).

Countries covered:

  • Lebanon