Support for the developement of market surveillance, Morocco

Opportunity type : Calls for Proposals
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Morocco has embarked on a policy of opening up its economy, and in this framework, this implies the negotiation of a comprehensive free trade agreement with the EU. This is accompanied by a package of measures, including the strengthening of the existing regulatory framework and the adoption of new rules for the surveillance of the market in industrial products.

The overall objective of the project is to contribute to the competitiveness of the Moroccan economy and to the protection of consumers.
The specific objectives are the following:

  • i. Support for the strengthening of the legal, institutional and methodological framework of the market surveillance sector with a view to the conclusion of the ACAA agreements;
  • ii. Support for the training of inspectors and trainers at national and local level in the application of the law and implementing legislation on market surveillance;
  • iii. Support for the institutional communication of MICIEN in the field of market surveillance and awareness raising of economic operators;
  • iv. Contribute to the establishment of a regulatory and professional environment as well as modalities of action and intervention in line with the requirements of the Acquis and European good practices with a view to a normative and methodological approximation.

Countries covered:

  • Morocco