Support to Euro-Palestinian cultural activities 2017

Opportunity type : Calls for Proposals
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The European Union (EU) works closely with all levels of Palestinian society and shares a common goal of creating a democratic, independent and viable Palestinian state, living in peace with all its neighbours.

This call is complementary to existing programmes funded by the EU for Palestine. With the aim of preserving Palestinian identity in East Jerusalem, EU puts emphasis through the “East Jerusalem programme” to maintain and develop a cultural life in the city. Palestine is also one of the countries of the South Mediterranean involved in the Med-Culture regional programme. The EU is also supporting and strengthening the Anna Lindh Foundation on cultural and intercultural activities. In addition, the EU has launched the Med-Film programme in 2015, a new three-year capacity-building regional programme that will allow film makers to tackle sensitive issues in the south Mediterranean region.

The global objective of this call for proposals is to contribute to a more positive understanding of the EU through the support to the Palestinian cultural sector.

The specific objective of this call for proposals is to enhance the visibility of the EU in Palestine through the support to joint Euro-Palestinian cultural events all around the country (including in isolated areas, refugee camps, etc…) thus contributing to develop a positive image of the Palestinian identity.

Countries covered:

  • Palestine *