Support for European cooperation projects 2020, Creative Europe Tunisia

Opportunity type : Calls for Proposals
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The Creative Europe program aims to support the audiovisual, cultural and creative sectors in Europe.

It also supports financially projects with a European dimension aimed at sharing cultural content across borders.

The objectives of this call are:

Strengthen the capacity of the artistic and cultural sector to intervene at the transnational and international levels;
Promote the transnational circulation of artistic and cultural works, as well as actors in the artistic and cultural sectors;
Contribute to the development of the public through the engagement in new and innovative sectors, and the improvement of the accessibility to the art and the culture in the Union, with a particular interest given to the children, the young people, the people with reduced mobility and under-represented groups;
Contributing to innovation and creativity in the field of culture, for example by trying out new management models and promoting the spread of innovation in different sectors.

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Countries covered:

  • Tunisia
Culture Media