Support for the legislative and regulatory convergence process for air transport, Morocco

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This technical assistance project aims to improve efficiency in air transport management, competitiveness and governance of the sector by building up the technical, administrative, legal and methodological capacities of the Directorate-General for Civil Aviation, drawing on the requirements of the acquis and European good practice.
The main activities to be carried out under this project include:
– upgrading the regulatory framework governing the field of competition in the sector,
– setting up air negotiation strategies,
– setting up promotion and marketing measures for air passenger and cargo traffic,
– setting up a business intelligence system and building up capacities for developing and conducting economic, prospective and strategic studies and for gaining access to new markets,
– developing and implementing a draft code of conduct for using a computerised reservation system,
– training staff on using and monitoring computerised reservation systems,
– developing and installing a computerised system for the financial and economic monitoring of airlines, as well as training on the use thereof,
– setting up a regulatory framework and procedures for issuing traffic-right licences and operating licences for operators,
– designing, installing and operating a computerised information system for handling, issuing and monitoring traffic-right licences and operating licences for national air services and training staff on using this system.

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Countries covered:

  • Morocco