“Support to the modernisation of the public finance management in Morocco

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The adoption of a new Organic budget law in 2015 has marked an inflexion point the process of modernisation of Public Finance Management in Morocco by generalising the practice of performance-based budgeting, increasing budget transparency and spearheading the adoption of accrual accounting by the Accountant General Office (Trésorerie Général du Royaume or TGR), which will lead in due course to the publication of certified accounts.  

The implementation of this ambitious reform is accompanied in the TGR by a process of digitalisation of the processes for which the entity is in charge around an integrated information system (Gestion Intégré de la Dépense or GID) managed by the TGR.  

The twinning project will support the TGR in the preparation and implementation of the steps necessary to achieve the expected results set by the new legislative and regulatory environment.

The general objective of this project is to contribute to the improvement of public governance in Morocco through the reinforcement of its PFM systems and practices.

The specific objective of this project is to support the TGR in its efforts to increase budget transparency and accountability though the implementation of PFM reforms and the dematerialisation of its procedures.

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  • Morocco