SwitchMed calls for green entrepreneurs in the Mediterranean Region (Tunisia)

Opportunity type : Training
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The SwitchMed Training Programme is looking for green entrepreneurs, either individuals or in a group, who can start-up and develop economic projects that will create ecological and social value.

Taking part in the Training Programme is free of charge.

Would you like to transform your green product idea and/or service to be launched onto the market? Do you wish to launch a business that is capable of generating added value at all levels – economic, environmental and social?

The selection criteria:

Propose an innovative green business concept  to be developed, which is economically viable and which will have a positive impact at an ecological and social level.

A professional diploma or university degree will be an asset.

Previous experience in a relevant field relating to the proposed project specifics is desirable.

Place of residence: : Residence in one of the following countries is required: Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Israel or Palestine .

Countries covered:

  • Tunisia